Dog Training – How to Train a Dog for Dock Diving | Episode 1

In today’s video, I’m training with a dock diving group and they’re going to be teaching us the step by step process they follow when training a dog for this incredible sport. Below is some additional information on the sport.

There are three primary Dock Diving Organizations:

Ultimate Air Dogs
Dock Dogs
North American Diving Dogs

Two other Organizations include Dock Diving as part of their dog sports activities:

Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge
Super Retriever Series

There are four different Dock Diving Games:

DISTANCE – Just get the dog to jump as far as they can using whatever toy/lure you want (bumper, ball, frisbee, shoe… REALLY! Anything). The distance is measured to where the base of the dog’s tail enters the water.

CATCH IT – The dog must catch the bumper twice in a row. The distance of the catch is added to the distance of the landing.

FETCH IT – The bumper is suspend four feet above the water. The dog must knock the bumper from the apparatus – it is not necessary to grab the bumper – just knocking it off counts as a successful jump. The current record is 29 feet

EXTREME VERTICAL – The bumper is suspended ever higher above the water and dogs jump straight up to knock the bumper from the apparatus.

DIVISIONS – The wonderful thing about Dock Diving is that every dog can participate and compete regardless of size, breed or experience. They ALL have the opportunity to become Champions. There are multiple Divisions based upon the distance that the dogs are jumping – 0′-10′, 10′-15′, 15′-20′, 20′-25′ and 25′ and beyond. The current record is over 35 feet.
There are also Divisions for Featherweight & Lap Dogs, Veterans (8 years of age and older), Super Veterans (10 years of age and over), Service Dogs and Junior Handlers who are under the age of 18.

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