Litter Maid Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review (We Tested It)

The best automatic litter boxes keep your cat’s bathroom clean and simplify your life. Does the Litter Maid self-cleaning litter box have what it takes to earn a spot in your home? Find out in our unbiased review. We were not sponsored by Litter Maid or any other brands to create this review. Learn more about the Litter Maid here:

Video Navigation:

0:00 Introduction
0:34 Unboxing and Setup
1:39 Which Litter to Use?
2:07 Operation
3:07 Scooping Performance
3:59 Odor Control
4:17 Scatter
4:49 Disposal
5:59 What The Cats Thought
6:25 Price
7:19 Overall Impressions

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